This Long Survey Reveals The Top 3 $eX Positions For Female [email protected]

We made a research in which were included almost 500 women. The research was which poses led to climax. The results have showed that cowgirl or woman on top was 35%, doggy style was 25% and missionary or man on top was 23%.

Cowgirl pose: This pose gives the control to the woman and make a deep [email protected] This make a mix between deep and shallow which makes the stimulation of front which is the most sensitive part on the vagin@.

Doggy style: This penetration is from behind and it is made while the peni$ touches the cervix, covered with nerves. This style is also known as ‘’the man’s best friend’’. This pose is making the man best er0tic pose. This pose need to be done slowly.

Missionary: This pose is coming from the monkey pose. It will achieve eye and skin touch, which will makes you more intimate. The pleasure that women gets is from the touch of the peni$ on her clitori$, which makes her satisfied.

Try putting a few firm pillows under her butt which will elevate her hips and close her [email protected] canal, which will create a tighter fit for your peni$, which will feel great for you while also stimulating more of her sensitive nerve endings.

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