11 Facts You Must Know About Indian Women.

Indian women are known for their hard work, problem-solving techniques, and adjustment in adversities. They fit perfectly in every relation.

As daughters, they are adorable, as wives, lovable, and as mothers, they are caring.


So let us start to discuss the 11 facts that you must know about Indian women.

1. Indian women are emotional and caring.

When you ask Indian ladies to choose between love and money, they will accept only love. Whenever there is a problem in any of their loved ones’ lives, they feel themselves in trouble.

Women of India can’t see anyone in pain, will surely try to get others out of the problem. Being emotional does not make her weak; emotions make her more potent and pure from inside.

Indian mothers take care of their babies and also treat other children like their own children. Ladies of India can’t differentiate between their child and children of others. They are affectionate towards all.

2. Family is a priority of Indian women.

They take care of their families and put their family’s needs before anything else. Whether it is their career choices or personal choices, everything comes after the responsibility of holding her family together and happy.

She can sacrifice her desires for the sake of her family member’s needs. Indian woman is known for her sacrifices, which she makes throughout her life. She feels satisfaction in caring and loving her family.

3. Women of India are loyal in relationships.

Indian woman is generally a one-man woman. She is devoted to her husband mentally physically and emotionally.

This devotion and love do not mean that she can tolerate domestic abuse as if there are any. But when everything is healthy and right in the relationship, she is totally in love with the man of her life.

She is trustworthy and honest with her partner. From the start of her youth, girl dreams of a man with whom she will spend the whole of her life.

4. Indian women know to make a balance between life and work.

Modern ladies of India are on the path of progress, making significant achievements in different professions. Some to be mentioned here are- Doctor- Lt. Dr Anandibai Joshi, Actress- Aishwarya Rai, Choreographer- Saroj Khan, Blogger- Harleena Singh, Politician- Lt. Shushma Swaraj.

But even after earning so much name and fame, women of India make a proper balance between their family life and work. Their consistency and hard work make them efficient enough to maintain an appropriate balance between all the spheres of their life.

5. Indian women are kind-hearted.

Kindness is that attribute that makes a woman a real woman. Women are naturally soft-hearted and can express their affection with their behaviour and work. Indian lady is generous enough to feed the hungry, help the poor.

In general life, women of Indian origin regularly offer chapatis/loaves of bread to cows. Even they don’t like wasting the left out food. They prefer to give it to dogs. In every Indian lady’s action, there lies care and concern for the needy.

6. Women of India are adapted to adverse situations.

No matter how critical the situation is, she can find a way out of it for sure. Life is full of challenges in Indian culture. Women of India face lots of problems in the journey throughout their life.

In many Indian villages, women have to cook on kutcha chulha (structures made up of mud and straw for cooking food), with the help of dried wood and leaves.

In some rural areas of India, Indian ladies struggle hard to fetch water for their family’s daily needs. A woman has to travel long distances to get water, but still, she manages. What did we expect more than this to be of adjusting and adaptive?

7. Indian women are wheatish in complexion, attractive, and confident.

The colour of Indian ladies is not too fair; it matches well with wheatish complexion. Women of India are considered one of the most beautiful women in this world.

India has given many successful ladies to this world, one of them is Sushmita Sen. Sushmita Sen was crowned as the first Miss Universe from India in 1994. When she was asked in the finale, “what for you is the essence of being a woman?” She replied, “just being a woman is a gift of God that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother and is a woman. She shows a man what caring sharing and love is all about. That’s the essence of being a woman.” Every woman in India feels special about being a woman.

8. Indian ladies are respectful towards their in-laws.

As we all know, Indian culture always teaches to give respect to our elders; women in India are taught from the starting of their puberty to value their in-laws as they do for their parents. India is a country where our parents teach all of us to behave humble and polite to elders.

Parents teach us from the beginning of our lives to take care of elders when they are ill or in any need. Morals and values what we get from our parents are the reasons why Indian Ladies develop an automatic concern for their in-laws.

9. Indian women are very hard working.

indian women

A modern Indian woman is one for whom the sky is no limit. Ladies of India work day and night to achieve their goals.

The life of an Indian woman starts early in the morning by cleaning the house. Then they finish their daily routine of prayer of God after bathing. Afterwards, they rush to kitchens to make food for their family members.

In this busy schedule, women generally forget to have their breakfast. But still, they don’t complain.

From ancient times, Indian women are considered one of the most hardworking categories of women globally. Many women in India work in fields and manage farming activities too.

10. Women of India love to experiment with mouth licking dishes.

Whether she is a housewife or a working woman, Indian lady is always eager to experiment with her cooking skills. She cooks well and feels happy while feeding her family members with tasty and unique kinds of new dishes.

Women in India generally help their mothers in household chores when they are grown up. This involvement is the only reason they are inclined to try their hands out at delicious dishes.

Not only Indian women are good cooks, but they are also the food freak. Girls and women of India enjoy eating panipuri/golgappa/phochka, chaat, chow mien, burger, pizza, dosa, idli, dahibada, and many more in the list.

11. Indian ladies love shopping.

Whether she is a teen or an old lady, it does not matter when there comes a shopping chance. I do not know a single woman who has told me even once that she hates shopping.

Women worldwide are shopping freaks, and Indian ladies are no way behind. Not only for buying purposes, but ladies also enjoy even watching and wandering to shopping malls in their free time. 😉

That’s all about Indian women, share your likes and dislikes in the comment section below.

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24 thoughts on “11 Facts You Must Know About Indian Women.”

  1. Hi Shubha,

    I have never read such a beautiful blog post on Indian women. You have amazing writing skills and the way you portrait the Indian women is so beautiful. I agree that Women are the finest creation in the world because of the Indian traditional custom and family values that they carry. A lovely read, I enjoyed the entire post. I also love Sushmita Sen, she is such a nice lady.

    Santosh Gairola

    • Hi Santosh,

      I am amazed to know that you find this article worth reading. And it feels awesome when a pro blogger comments and appreciate your work😇🙇‍♀️

      Shubha Tiwari

  2. Hey mam, it’s great article can’t even think off that Indian women possess such great qualities and even you mentioned accomplishments of woman in almost every field

  3. Hi Shubha,

    How are you?

    You wrote everything great about Indian women bt I say they are valid for all the women out there regardless of their country. Yes, that all points are well fit for majority of women around the world.

    More power to the women.

    Nice post. This is probably my first visit to your blog. It is nice indeed.

    • Hey Atish,

      I am good, hope you too are doing well. You are right indeed, women are same all over the globe 😇 and are connected at the level of feelings and thoughts. The purpose of this article is just to make the world aware about what we (Indian women) think and what are our cultural values. Thanks for your fantastic review🙂

      Shubha Tiwari

  4. Hello Shubha,

    Amazing Post. I always have much respect for Indian Women. Despite of any other countries, Indian women are more caring in nature. It doesn’t matter which role they are playing in our lives. They do it from their hearts. A women can do anything for his family. Must respect for you and all other Women around the Globe.

    Vishwajeet kumar

    • Hey Vishwajeet,

      Thanks for posting an awesome comment which shows how much you respect women. We Indian women want care and respect, nothing more than that. I am happy that you find the article worth reading🙂

      Shubha Tiwari

  5. Hi Subha,

    Good to know about and your blog. This is my first visit on your blog through this awesome article and I would say you nailed it !!! I always try to encourage woman in all departments and sectors.

    In fact in entire my family circle, only my wife is a working woman and many others are not allowed to work although well educated. I didn’t care about that I still encouraged her to learn or do whatever she loves to do to grow herself in her life and career.

    By the way, your writing style is very good and keep the good work. Wish to see many such articles from you on this blog of yours 🙂 God bless you.

    • Hello sir,

      It is really nice to hear from your side. I feel happy to know, you liked the article😀. Thanks for your blessings and appreciation. Hope to come up with some good stuffs for all of you😊

      Shubha Tiwari.

  6. These are all such strong traits Shubha. I have seen each quality manifest in my Indian women friends. I met one of my buddies in Chennai in person – Nirmala Santhakumar – and it was a total blast. What a fun time. Thanks for sharing the inspiring post.

  7. Hi Shubba, this is very informative on Indian women. I’ve been quite a few over the years in blogging and I had that feeling that they were very hard working. I was surprised about the shopping trait though 🙂
    Thanks for sharing about your culture here. Have a great rest of the weekend there.

    • Hi Lisa,

      It is so sweet of you for taking your time to visit my site. I am more than happy to hear from your side🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment and thanks for stopping by😇

      Shubha Tiwari


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