15 Things What Women Want From The Men.

In this post, we will discuss what women want from men.

Things what women want from the men they love often look complicated, but actually, they are straightforward.

Men always want to be a woman’s first love, but women like to be a man’s last romance-Oscar Wilde.

Whether she is newly married or has been in a relationship for years, she is always longing for care, respect, and affection from her partner.

She dreams of a man who always puts her on top of his priorities. Who talks to her makes her feel worthy.

Could not you keep her in your thoughts and feelings?

List of the 15 things what women want from men.

The list of things you will read here will surely not contain Diamond necklaces or expensive gifts; these things are all related to her feelings, emotions, and values in her partner’s eyes.

My dear beauties, you will definitely enjoy reading this post. And I am sure you may correlate yourself with all the points mentioned below😌

So dear men, hold your breathe and read the full article. I just hope you learn some tricks to handle the lady of your life😜

Let us get started to learn the 15 THINGS WHAT WOMEN WANT FROM THE MEN.

1.What women want is to make her experience the feeling of being loved.


This is first and one of the most important thing out of 15 things what women want from men.

Not only women, but everyone wants to hear these three magical words- I love you.

But just telling her will not do the job. Women like to experience love more than hearing these magic words.

To make her feel the love, you can try different ideas like you can plan some surprise for her. Candlelight dinner will do the work; there is nothing wrong about being romantic sometimes.

2.Show respect to other women is what women want.

Not worthless to say this is one of the most valued things a woman wants from the man whom she loves.

When men behave respectfully with other women, this imprints a positive image of him in his partner’s Eyes. Women always think that the man who disrespects other women can never respect them.

3.Show love to her family.

Women are close to their families; they always want their partners to behave generous and polite in front of their family members. By showing love to her family, you can win her heart. When you respect her family, she will care for your family like her own.

4.Give her private space/ time.

Women like gossips with their friends and family members and that too in their private space. This gives Satisfaction to them.

Women love to talk for many hours. Sometimes you will not be even able to get, about what they are talking. Ridiculous no !!😄

But they are just like that. Let the lady enjoy her long useless conversations. Her genes are responsible for it.

5.Be honest and truthful.


Women feel attracted to the man who is truthful and honest in their actions. Your words mean a lot to her.

Let us take an example. If you are going to a party with your friends, don’t do that secretly. Tell her. It might be possible that she is not willing to let you go there. But if you tell her about your life’s interests and critical decisions, she will start getting you slowly. Doing so will further strengthen your relationship.

6.What women want is just believe in her dreams.

A man with dreams needs a woman with a vision -Rob Hill, Sr.

In the same manner, modern women want their life partner to support her in making her dreams come true. Never make fun of her when she shares her plans with you. Your mocking can make her feel low, and she will feel demoralized.

Never let her feel neglected or worthless. Show your interest in her dreams and make her think that she can achieve whatever she wants.

7.Never break your promises.

She minds even a little negligence from your side.

Suppose if you told her in the morning that I will be back from the office at 6 p.m. and we will go for outings. And by chance, you are late without informing her. She will feel neglected for sure. For her, this is a big promise break. So beware of your future commitments. And, 6:00 p.m. means exactly 6:00 p.m. Not even 5 minutes late is expected from your side. If there are any chances of being late, you should first inform her. 

8.Give her equal value is what women want.

Make her feel that she completes you. Her partnership in taking decisions is just as significant as of yours. If you Subside her opinion in making decisions, she will not say anything. But she will feel it for sure. It is one of the most desirable things what women want from men.

So keep this in mind from now onwards that you have to listen to her views also while taking any important decisions of your life.

9.Show craziness for her is what women want.


She will love to know that you are still crazy about her with the passing years of togetherness. Which women of the world will not be happy to know that the man of her life is so involved in loving her?

This is also one of the most important things what women want from the men they love.

Craziness should be of all types, not only for sex. she will love to be the centre of attraction for you throughout your life.

10.Never compare her with others is what women want.

Comparison is very insulting. It can make anyone feel jealous and low. It would be best if you never compare the better half of your life with the world.

You will have to make her feel that she is the only one and not a material which can be replaced by another material. If you can make her understand this, she will be only yours by her heart and soul.

11.Make her feel safe and protected.

Women sometimes feel weak. You should be the one to give strength to her at that moment. It would help if you always try to behave like a shade for her. Even you must have realized; she feels peace in your arms.

Know what is needed to express the language of love; only the hold of your hand will do the job. Women are generally scared of insects, darkness, and other little things which you will find very funny. But they are like this; God has made her this way. Never leave her when she is afraid, don’t make a joke of her.

12.Listen to her with interest is what women want.

Generally, people think women speak a lot and useless. But this is totally wrong. She is always neglected and is seldom heard. So she talks in continuation of being listened.

What women want from a man is just to show interest in what she says. Maybe it is quite a dull kind, repeated talks, but can’t you squeeze out a few minutes from your busy schedule to listen to her?

13.What women want is to get appreciated by you.


Not only for her looks. She loves to get appreciations for the food she cooks, the proper management of your house, Taking care of your kids and your family members, and hearing from your side that she is a beauty with brain.

And of course, every woman of this universe loves to listen to the appreciation of her beauty. You should make women realize how important she is in your life, and without her, your existence is foggy.

14.Share your pain with her is what women want from you.

Women do want the man who dares to cry out loud in front of her when he is deep pain.

Men are not supposed to weep; it is a false notion now. Man too are humans and have the same emotions and feelings that women have. It is sometimes OK to open out your heart in front of your lady. Women want to be a pillar of support in their partner’s life.

She will love to wipe your tears when you feel low and need a shoulder to cry. And what can be the best place for you to relax apart from the arms of the lady you love?

15.Try to handle her mood swings.

This is the last and one of the most important thing according to me out of the 15 things what women want from the men they love.

Whether you will believe me or not but women are prone to mood swings. Sometimes you will be unable to find out why they are behaving so rude or irritated. And this happens frequently, not their fault. But it is related to hormones.

Being a lady, I myself experience mood swings. There is no need to worry. It is common among us.😊

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  1. Hello Shubha,

    Really Awesome Post. You have clearly mentioned how a relationship can be done in a smart and lovable way. Things will be easy with mutual understanding and respect for your partner. However, today’s world relationship has downgraded a lot. The ego always hamper the relationship. Keep coming with these type of awesome Content.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. This is so cute that everything in this post is quite relatable♥️
    Keep going with such posts
    Loads of love!!!!!

  3. Well! I read your content. Absolutely amazing to read and it got me into my zone when i usually think the same. Women are COMPLICATED, yet so SIMPLE. I think we are in an era where we are more INDIVIDUALISTIC.

    Men also think the same way like women. Difference lies in the extent of understanding!!

  4. The lines which you have used in this blog post are mindblowing, I especially liked the line-things which are not included in this list are Diamond necklaces or expensive gifts.
    I am short of words to praise this post of your- all I can say is it’s a very well written post. good work

  5. Hi Shubha,

    You have written clear pointers that make sense. There are some of them that I personally have not considered. One such is comparing your mate (wife or husband) with others. It is worn as it produces jealousy and envy which results in back-biting and a strain in the relationship. But as you voted, I’ve each other some spare time, but always reassure your love and commitment. Such an approach will strengthen the bonds and make or a remarkable relationship.

    • Hi Moss,

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. I am really amazed to know that you visited my blog. Feeling extremely glad that you find it helpful😊😊

      Shubha Tiwari

  6. Hi shubha, owner of Justwomenworld.

    This article is awsome. Also, Your Blog is very Imformative Blog. I am Impressed.
    Kindly share more article about this type of Content.

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