Being a woman is not that easy as we pretend, sometimes we have to sacrifice a lot to keep our near and dear ones happy. This blog is dedicated to all pretty ladies of this world to get connected via a common platform. Here you will find a way to your empowerment along with tips to maintain healthy hair, skin, and body. This blog will cover all kinds of stuff that a woman needs.

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Satisfaction-the search of real meaning.

I think it is a common question for all of us, "What is Satisfaction and How to Achieve Satisfaction in Our Life?" We all strive to experience the feeling of fulfillment and being satisfied. But is it easy to live a happy life? In a world where we always focus ...
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What Is Love? Can You Tell Me?

What Is Love? Can You Tell Me? What Is Love?- I have never got a satisfying answer to this question. I think I will never get it. Words will not be enough to define what love is? We can only put our opinions on what it feels to us. For ...
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Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty,Which Attracts More?

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty, Which Attracts More? We often come across the above question, and also, when we are speaking about our perception about Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty. We quickly go by side with Inner Beauty, saying "For me, inner beauty is more important than outer beauty." But Is it so? •Conventional ...
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The Journey Of Togetherness

Let us start The Journey of Togetherness.

The Journey Of Togetherness. Let us start The Journey of Togetherness with your new friend that is me. Hello, world !!! This is my first article. Let me give my introduction first. I am Shubha, a passionate human. Confused??       It is obvious to get. Some say, passionate writer, ...
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