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6 Excellent ways to heal yourself naturally

I want to share some of my personal experiences of the past 1-2 months in today's post. Today I want to disclose my reason behind my inactiveness in past few months. Sometimes in your life, you need a break, a break from the fastly moving world—a break that you need to ...
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Challenges faced by Indian women in their own families

Challenges faced by Indian women in their families.

It would not be wrong to say that we women face challenges right from birth. Oh, my bad, somewhat we can correct it by saying women start facing discrimination from the point of time they are in their mothers' womb. Surprised???? Please hold on, let me remind you. In most ...
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Why should you never beg for love?

Love, a word that can give you the feeling of ultimate happiness in your life. You are the wealthiest person in this universe if you are loved in return for loving someone. But wait, this should be mutual, not forceful. Have you ever felt that you need to beg to ...
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Life partner expectations of a girl-5 hidden desires

Life is all about expectations-some, expectations that get fulfilled, and some who die under us. Among these numerous countless expectations, there also exist life-partner expectations of girl. A girl will do everything for you. She will love you, shout at you, fight with you, but she behaves shy when opening ...
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11 effortless natural face masks for glowing skin

Hello, Beauties! Hope you are all doing well. Nowadays, we do not get time to take care of our skin during the run of the day. We do not even have much time that we can spend hours in a beauty parlour. Nor can we afford such expensive facials or ...
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9 Tips for staying motivated and focused in life

Life is full of uncertainties and failures. Everyone successful was once in a bad phase, a phase of struggles and failures. But those who know how to remain motivated and focused during these struggles win the game. We must learn to deal with the negativities of our minds to achieve ...
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