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Most Famous Female Leaders in Indian History.

Let us start to talk about some of the most important and famous female leaders in Indian history. Indian history is full of female leaders who made India proud. Most Famous Female Leaders in Indian History. 1.Razia Sultana. Birth- 1205.Death- 14 October, 1240. Razia Sultana was the daughter of Mamluk ...
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Female Foeticide- Meaning, Reasons & Solutions.

The post I am going to share today is not just a post; it is an impact of vandalism on the souls of all women who have gone through either experiencing Female Foeticide with their babies or anyone in their relations. Few of my questions to those who don't want ...
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11 Facts You Must Know About Indian Women.

Indian women are known for their hard work, problem-solving techniques, and adjustment in adversities. They fit perfectly in every relation. As daughters, they are adorable, as wives, lovable, and as mothers, they are caring. So let us start to discuss the 11 facts that you must know about Indian women ...
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15 Things What Women Want From The Men.

In this post, we will discuss what women want from men. Things what women want from the men they love often look complicated, but actually, they are straightforward. Men always want to be a woman's first love, but women like to be a man's last romance-Oscar Wilde. Whether she is newly married or ...
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Satisfaction-the search of real meaning.

I think it is a common question for all of us, "What is Satisfaction and How to Achieve Satisfaction in Our Life?" We all strive to experience the feeling of fulfillment and being satisfied. But is it easy to live a happy life? In a world where we always focus ...
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What Is Love? Can You Tell Me?

What Is Love? Can You Tell Me? What Is Love?- I have never got a satisfying answer to this question. I think I will never get it. Words will not be enough to define what love is? We can only put our opinions on what it feels to us. For ...
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