Failure is the stepping stone to success-Reasons.

Failure is the stepping stone to success- Have you heard this before? Have you experienced failures in your life? Do you know why failures are called the stepping stones to success? In this article, I will talk about failures, successes, and the relation between these two.


All of us experience failures in our life. Our first step in life starts with a failure. Have you seen a child trying to walk for the first time? You must have seen it.

Try to remember the scene when he puts his first step on land. He tumbles down, but again he stands with the help of some support. And slow by practicing, he learns to walk properly.

Our whole life is based on this little experience. Which, if engulfed seriously, will change our perception towards life.

Failure is one of the keys to success because it teaches us more.

Thomas Edison

1. How is Failure The Stepping Stone To Success?

Failures make us realize the mistakes which we have been doing. There are some secrets which we can not know without being a failure. Sometimes it good to fail for getting the right track for being successful.

We are often scared to take risky steps in our life because we fear getting fail. But if we develop the confidence to deal with failures of our life, we will make a closer approach to a successful life. Below are the two points to know the connection between success and failure-

  • Failure let you understand the actual process, while success leads you to the destination.
  • Failures make you more responsible for your goal. It helps you to start with a fresh approach.

2. Can failure make you stronger?

Failures can make us stronger. It helps us in carving out our hidden potentials. Failures reveal our inner strengths.

Think how a bodybuilder builds his muscular body. Does not he felt pain and cramps in his muscles when he started workout for the first time?

He must have experienced the same problem which every beginner faces. But the pain he experienced for the first time increased his tolerance.

3. What failure can teach us?

Failure teaches us lessons of life.

Failure teaches us no one is perfect in this whole world. Everyone has some flaws, and so chances for correction. Correcting our mistakes make us a better version of ourself.

A person who learns from failure always works harder to achieve success.

You must have read stories of many successful persons. Everyone has a story of a struggle behind his success. We should not only celebrate our success but also learn from our mistakes.

Failure makes us down to earth.


Failures make us realize that we have to keep a check on our ego. Success and ego can not go hand in hand. It needs to be attached to our roots, to be successful.

The person who is successful in his life is often humble. The reason for this is that he has learned a lot from his failures.

He respects the success which he got. And this personal enlightenment makes him humble and down to earth.

We develop patience.

A child takes nearly one and a half years to walk in a balanced way. To speak correctly, he needs almost 3-4 years.

A well-educated man invests almost 25 years of his life. We need to remain patient while investing our time to convert our dreams to reality.

In the same manner, failures teach us that good things take time to happen. It is well said that the things which are achieved fast are not long-lasting.

Failures inspire.

Are you confused about how failures inspire?

Yes, my dear friend failures inspire. When we hear success stories, we try to become like them. But most of us start day-dreaming, and after some time we forget about that person. We think we can’t be like them. We predict that their situations must be optimal.

But when we come to know that the great people’s successes are all results of the failures and insults they felt. We are influenced. We correlate our condition to that person. A trust appears in our hearts- If they can overcome failures, why can’t I?

So start celebrating the failures which make you learn something.

4. Life experiences that prove Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success.

Michael Jordan.

Many of you must be knowing about Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player. Do you know what he thinks about failure?


“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occassions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed it. I have failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan

J.K Rowling

Who does not know about the super-talented author of Harry Potter? You will be surprised to know she was also a failure once. But the shortcomings of her life made her more potent and stronger. And the result of it is in front of the whole world.

Image source- wikimedia commons

Some of the awards won by the book series of Harry Potter (8 parts in total)-

  • Birmingham Cable Children’s Book Award 1997 
  • Young Telegraph Paperback of the Year 1998
  • British Book Awards 1997 Children’s Book of the Year 
  • Sheffield Children’s Book Award 1998 
  • Whitaker’s Platinum Book Award 2001 

Note- I have mentioned a few of the awards. Many more are there on the list.

“I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.”

J.K Rowling

Steve Jobs

Apple was started in a garage as a two-man company. You will be shocked to know that the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was once fired from his company which he began.

But his failure was not able to stop his desires from booming out. His passion for his work soon overtook his disappointment. His ventures like NEXT and Pixar soon led him back to the CEO position of Apple.

Image source- Wikimedia commons

“I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Bill gates, as you know, is the co-founder of Microsoft. But before starting Microsoft, he was a University dropout and co-owner of a business called Traf-O-Data. This business was also a failure.

Image source- Wikimedia commons

But he was determined for his dreams and achieved them. Today he is one of the wealthiest people of the world.

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Bill Gates

Final words:

Failing in life make us resilient. The more we fail, the more resilient we become towards achieving success. As a human, it is normal to make mistakes which lead us to failures. But despite getting demotivated, we should learn from our mistakes. Always remember, success comes to them who are eager to learn from their mistakes.

So, considering that failure is a stepping stone to success seems to be justifiable. I hope you enjoyed the article. Tell me in comments about your failures and how you converted them into a win. See you in my next post. Till then, stay blessed and take care.😊

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  1. Just amazing. Loved reading your article.

    I too face some like situation, I feel broken or shattered. But yes focus is something and post like this from bloggers like you are source of motivation for me.

    Thanku from bottom of the heart. Really great post.

  2. Excellent!! We should develop a habit of learning from our mistakes..

    Shubha, you have articulated it well and put in a very organized order.

    Keep writing!!
    Love always!!

  3. Just Amazing…
    It will helps not only for Student but also for every Blogger, Entrepreneur to achieve Goal.
    Keep it up Shubha Tiwari….

  4. Loved this article!

    Yes you’re right ma’am..Failure isn’t the end of the mission but a part of the learning process that offers us great knowledge and experience.
    If we quit, we will consider that small stoppage to be a failure but would never know what it is to succeed.
    We just need to believe in ourselves and have faith in our own abilities.

    Keep writing such motivating articles 🙂

    Raksha Kumawat

  5. Your post was exactly what I needed to hear today. Without getting into my personal in a blog comment. I have had some major successes and some major failures in my life. It’s something that helps you learn and I do think it makes you stronger. You can’t learn without making mistakes. Thanks for your post. When I say it inspired me, it’s not something I am just typing. I randomly found your blog. I checked it out because I liked your name. Keep writing good stuff!


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