Hair masks that will do magic for dry, damaged, dull, and falling hair.

The life which we all are living in today’s world is full of pollution and stress, which in turn causes harm to our hair and leads to different hair problems. In this article, I am going to share with you all, magical hair masks for every type of hair; which will transform your hair to a great extent. Being a woman, I think that taking care of our hair is very important. And today I will share with you all some very beneficial hair masks which will help you you with your hair fall and other hair related problems.

These hair masks are equally beneficial for women as well as men. Anyone can apply it, because whether a short or a long hair, of a man or a woman- Hairs are all the same.

Why use a hair mask?

Hair masks are quick solutions for many hair problems like- dandruff, hair fall, itchy scalp, roughness, infections, and many more. We waste a lot of our hard-earned money in beauty salons and chemical treatments, which despite solving our problems, make our hair condition worse. Hair masks are cheaper and better alternatives to costly hair treatments. Hair masks not only nourish your hair in a healthy organic way but also saves your hard-earned money. Indian women love to flaunt their beautiful hair, and hair masks save the game.

How to make a hair mask?

Hair masks are very easy to make. You can find most of the ingredients in your kitchen, and the left ones from any local shops. You have to mix the ingredients in a proportion, and your mask is ready to apply. Sometimes you need to grind the items with the help of your mixer-grinder, and sometimes you have to mix the ingredients simply. You can also store the left out of the prepared mask in your fridge for up to a week.

How to apply a hair mask?

I advise you to read all the sections of this article properly to get better results because people sometimes know the right things but lack the point when it comes to its application. Let us see the right way in steps for the use of hair masks.

Homemade hair masks are easy to use, but you should make sure to apply them in the following steps to get better results for your hair problems-


  • The first and most crucial step is to find out hair masks according to your hair type. Then make a mask for your hair with the mentioned ingredients for your hair type.
  • Change your dress before applying a hair mask, because some masks can stain your clothes. I will suggest you should wear an old dark-colored top while using hair masks.
  • For best results, hair masks should be applied to washed and towel-dried hair. I mean to say that you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo to remove any dirt from your scalp, then dry your hair with a towel. And now you are ready for the next step.
  • Now make sections of your hair per the thickness of your hair: thicker the hair, more the partitions.
  • The application should not be superficial only. You should apply from the root to the tip. Cover each segment of your hair to get better results.
  • Cover your hair with a hot thick towel to double the efficiency of the mask. Little heat helps in opening pores of our scalp and helps the hair strand to engulf the moisture and essential elements of the mask.
  • Leave the mask on your hair according to your hair type- timings to put all kinds of hair masks are mentioned along with individual mask types.
  • Now rinse your hair with normal water(in some cases you need to wash with luke-warm water). Rinse thoroughly, till you see clean water running out of your hair.
  • In some cases, you will need to apply mild shampoo to cover up the smell of ingredients, if any. But it is better to avoid shampoos just after applying hair masks.
  • Dry your hair with the help of a hairdryer, and you are ready to shine and flaunt your healthy-looking hair.

What are the Benefits of a hair mask?

Applying hair masks gives you tons of benefits. If implemented in accordance with your hair type, hair masks can do magic with your hair quality. Some of the benefits of using a hair mask are:

  • Your hair will look healthier and nourished.
  • You will see an added shine to your hair.
  • Any scalp related problems like- itching, dandruff, etc. will go away if you use hair masks regularly.
  • Your hair fall will gradually decrease over time.
  • You will now feel your hair manageable, and frizziness will be gone.
  • Hair breakage will reduce; your hair will become stronger.
  • Hair masks also help in delaying hair greying.

What else do you expect from these cheap and easy homemade hair masks?

Now I am providing you with all types of hair masks according to your personal needs, whether for an unmanageable hair, or oily scalp, or hair fall. I am sure you will get a solution to any kind of hair related problem with the help of the hair masks below.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for dry, rough, and curly hair.

Banana hair mask.


  • Banana(ripe)- 2
  • Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 1 hour
Frequency- Once in every 15 days

How to prepare- Peel off the bananas and mash it into a smooth paste with the help of a blender—mix olive oil, coconut oil, and mashed banana in a bowl uniformly. Now the mixture is ready to be applied on your towel-dried hair.

Benefits- Bananas are rich in natural oils, which will help in the softening of your hair and moisturization of your scalp. Coconut oil and olive oil are known to be an age-old solution for quick moisturization of dry hair. Your hair will look moisturized from within.

Egg yolk hair mask.


  • Egg yolk- 1
  • Castor oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Honey- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Once in a month

How to prepare- Beat the egg yolk in a smooth paste—mix castor oil and honey to develop a uniform consistency. Now you can apply this mask on your hair.

Benefits- Egg yolk has super moisturizing benefits for your hair; it is a unique combination of vitamins. Honey has the unique property of smoothening hair follicles(emollient) and adding moisture to dry strands(humectants). Castor oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. This magical combination in the form of a hair mask will give a sudden dose of moisture to your hungry hair.

Note- This hair mask needs to be washed off with luke-warm water.

Avocado hair mask.


  • Avocado- 2
  • Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Castor oil- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 45-60 minutes
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Take out the pulp of avocado and mash it using a hand blender. Now add olive oil and castor oil in the quantity mentioned above. Mix the mixture into a uniform paste; this is now ready for application.

Benefits- Avocado is a rich source of biotin, magnesium, and potassium, which helps in locking shine and strength to your hair strands. When avocado is applied along with these essential oils(castor oil and olive oil), it helps your hair to get the moisture which it needs to flaunt and shine.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for oily hair.

Multani mitti hair mask.


  • Multani mitti- 2-3 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Multani mitti is generally available in the form of lumps. You need to powder it; you can store the left out powder for making a hair mask next time—mix powdered Multani mitti with lemon juice and plain water. Make a paste-like consistency; not too hard for application, and not too watery. It is now ready to be applied.

Benefits- Multani mitti removes dirt and extra oils from the scalp. Lemon helps in cleaning the scalp and unclogging hair follicles. Extra oil than the required level often leads to clogging of hair follicles which in turn leads to hair fall. This hair mask will help to clean your scalp and maintain the level of moisture needed.

Egg white hair mask.


  • Egg white- 2
  • Lemon juice- 2 tablespoons

Time to put on hair- 45 minutes
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Break the eggs with a spoon, allow the white portion, i.e., egg white to drip out of the shells into a bowl. The left out egg yolk need not be wasted, you can use it in making delicious dishes. Now add lemon juice to it, whisk the mixture till you get an excellent consistency. The hair mask is ready for application.

Benefits- Egg white has a super cleansing capacity for your scalp. When applied along with lemon juice, it helps to clean excess oil from the scalp. This mask also makes hair shiny and healthy.

Note- This hair mask needs to be washed off with luke-warm water.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for falling hair.

Potato hair mask.


  • Potato- 1 medium-sized
  • Fenugreek powder- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 40-45 minutes
Frequency- 2 times in a week

How to prepare- Powder fenugreek with the help of your mixture grinder, or you can also buy it from local shops. It is readily available online too. Soak it overnight. Next day, peel out the outer skin of the potato, cut it into small pieces and then grind it in a grinder. Now mix the soaked fenugreek powder and crushed potato to get a smooth consistency. Now it can be applied easily on your hair.

Benefits- Fenugreek nourishes the scalp and stimulates blood circulation. Starch present in raw potato is excellent nourishment for hair follicles. This mask will not only help you with your hair fall, but it will also help in regrowth of hair.

Curry Patta hair mask.


  • Curry Patta- a handful
  • Amla powder- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Once a week

How to prepare- Grind curry Patta in a mixture-grinder into a fine paste. Now add amla powder to this paste and mix thoroughly, add water if required to get a paste-like consistency. You can apply it to your hair now.

Benefits- Curry Patta is known to be rich in beta-carotene and proteins, which increases hair growth and reduces hair fall. Curry Patta also helps in removing dead hair follicles, which clears the way for the regeneration of new hair follicles. Amla is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which will increase blood flow in your scalp. Try this hair mask, and you will thank me for this.

DIY Homemade Hair Masks for curly and dull hair.

Hibiscus hair mask.


  • Hibiscus flower- 3-4
  • Hibiscus plant leaves- 12-15
  • Fenugreek powder- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Twice in a month

How to prepare- Soak fenugreek powder in plain water, leave it overnight. Grind flowers and leaves of hibiscus in a mixture grinder. Now mix the ground flowers with soaked fenugreek powder, develop a smooth consistency. Now it can be easily applied to your hair.

Benefits- Hibiscus is a rich source of amino acids(keratin), keratin is the element which adds shine to our hair. Hibiscus, when applied along with fenugreek on hair, rejuvenates hair strands, and your hair will shine like it never before.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for damaged hair.

Gram flour hair pack.


  • Gram flour- 2 tablespoon
  • Yogurt/Curd- 2 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Once in every week

How to prepare- Mix gram flour, yogurt, and lemon juice to get a smooth paste, add water if needed. Your super easy and super effective hair mask is now ready to do its work.

Benefits- Gram flour and yogurt are rich sources of protein, and hair is also made up of a protein called keratin. This protein-rich mixture will repair your damaged hair, and you will be super happy to feel the smooth touch of your hair.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for hair growth.

Henna hair mask.


  • Henna powder- 4 tablespoons
  • Egg- 1
  • Curd- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 2 hours
Frequency- Once in a month

How to prepare- Mix henna powder with little water to make a paste and leave it overnight. Next day break an egg and collect it in a bowl, whisk it to make a uniform consistency. Now add yogurt to the egg, again blend it properly. You have to add the mixture to henna, blend again to get all ingredients mixed up uniformly. The hair pack is now ready.

Benefits- Henna, egg, and curd are full of antioxidants and nutrients which are beneficial for the growth of hair. If applied regularly, this hair pack will increase the length of your hair and will make it voluminous.

Note- This hair pack needs to be removed with luke-warm water.

DIY Homemade Hair masks for delay graying.

Amla hair pack.


  • Amla powder- 2-3 tablespoons
  • Shikakai powder- 1 tablespoon
  • Bhringraj powder- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 1 hour
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Mix all the ingredients as mentioned above with the help of water to make a smooth paste-like consistency in a bowl and leave the mixture for an hour. After one hour, the mix is ready to be applied.

Benefits- Amla is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps to prevent premature greying of hair. Bhringraj also helps in preventing greying of hair and makes our hair healthy. Shikakai adds shine and strength to hair strands. This hair mask will make your hair dark and will prevent premature greying if applied regularly.

DIY Homemade anti-dandruff Hair mask.

Fenugreek hair pack.


  • Fenugreek/ Methi powder- 2 tablespoons
  • Lemon- 1 tablespoon

Time to put on hair- 30 minutes
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Soak fenugreek powder in water and leave it overnight. Next day add lemon juice to this soaked fenugreek powder and mix well. This mixture can now be applied to hair.

Benefits- Fenugreek and lemon have excellent cleansing properties. This mask will not only remove dirt and dandruff from your hair but also help in making your hair shiny and dense.

DIY Homemade Hair mask for scalp infection.

Basil-neem hair pack.


  • Basil leaves/Tulsi Patta- Handful
  • Neem leaves- 10-12

Time to put on hair- 20-25 minutes
Frequency- Once in a week

How to prepare- Crush both kinds of leaves together in a mixer grinder with adding little water to make a paste out of it. You can apply this hair mask on the roots(infected scalp) of your hair.

Benefits- Neem and basil(tulsi) both have antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can use this hair mask to treat any kind of infection of your scalp. You will get quick relief.

Final words- I have tried to add all types of hair masks at one place to help you get rid of any of your hair problems, whether you are struggling with dandruff, hair fall, oily scalp, or any other issue. These hair masks have no side-effects. But still, I would suggest stopping using, if you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients. I will add more varieties of hair masks in the coming future.

Please share these beneficial hair masks with your friends and families so that they, too, can protect and nourish their hair. Flaunt your hair with shine and style. See you in my next post, till then stay safe.

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