Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty,Which Attracts More?

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty, Which Attracts More?

We often come across the above question, and also, when we are speaking about our perception about Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty. We quickly go by side with Inner Beauty, saying “For me, inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.”

But Is it so?

•Conventional mentality of our society for inner beauty.

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty, Which Attracts more??? Do we give admiration to Inner attributes rather than Outer ones?

My question is not complex, and you can easily find the answer to it by peeping deep inside your mind. Are we not attracted to outer beauty more often? If a man sees a fair complexioned, tall, and hot-figure lady, she can easily attract him by her outer beauty. Similarly, anyone who is dashing, smart, and has good art of talking can easily attract women. People even fall for someone without knowing their true colors; they don’t know even their mindsets but start to dream a life with whom they are just physically attracted.

We have got a confused mentality. We speak of inner beauty and fall for outer beauty.

Ridiculous !!! Isn’t it?

•Inner beauty in case of women:


Outer Beauty attracts, but Inner beauty Captivates.

Outer Beauty Satisfies the Body, but Inner Beauty Satisfies the Soul.

Her outer beauty often conceals the inner beauty of a woman. I am not saying that we should not admire beauty. I am not saying that men should not praise outer beauty or the looks of a lady. Still, my point here is to clarify that Even the most beautiful woman of this earth will feel blessed to know that she is admired for her inner traits, in the same manner, she is being admired for her looks. It is great to look beautiful and attractive, but the Qualities of Inner Beauty makes a woman magnet for all sorts of attractions.

My question to all of you who are reading this is, Whom you want as a life partner- a person who attracts you physically or a person who will take care of you through all your life ups and downs? Please think and answer to yourself.

When we fall for anyone, we should decide whether you can bear his/her company throughout your life’s journey happily or not. You should be clear at your thoughts that you know in-depth about the person, their feelings, and then only decide. Are you both compatible with the journey of togetherness??

•Comparison between inner beauty and outer beauty.

Comparison of inner beauty vs. outer beauty is a topic of debate for age long. People often underestimate inner beauty from the start of humanity all over the world. We hear of so many instances of body shaming. We also come across numerous advertisements for fairness products, slimming creams, and many more things daily, which makes the audiences realize how important is Outer beauty in the eyes of the world. One gets confused about which to focus, Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty?

And here starts the struggle to look unnatural and different from the original version of us. People are getting obsessed day by day to get that perfect body image and looks. Ladies, I am not saying that you should be improperly dressed, or you should not use any makeup. I feel that looking good is something that every woman wants. But looking good is very contrast to looking different.

•Do not compare yourself to the world:

Never compare yourself to others; we all are born beautiful irrespective of our color and body shapes. We have to try to maintain that natural beauty that God has given to all of us. We shouldn’t compare shades of our skin because every shade is beautiful. We should try to be the best versions of ourselves, not a copy of others. Don’t have you seen top black models? Are they not attractive and charming like fair models? Absolutely yes. They are beautiful.

Stand in front of a mirror with pure thoughts in your mind and then ask the mirror, Am I not beautiful? Your mirror will reply, ‘You are just perfect, look at your face, doesn’t it resembles a flower when you smile?’


Comparison of Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty is not a good thing. Feel it, try to feel it for others also. The whole world will look beautiful to you. Everyone is beautiful in their way. Some are tall, some are fair, some have beautiful eyes, some have silky hair, some have a sharp nose, some have an attractive body, but everyone has a beautiful smile. And above all, the most beautiful is the one who has got that Pure Soul.

•What seems more attractive to you?

Nothing can be more attractive and beautiful than a pure soul and true feelings. The generous, kind, helping, and loving people are the best examples of Inner beauty. When you start praising and valuing inner beauty over outer beauty, the Universe will start being grateful towards you.

You will start to listen that the river’s babbling sound is flowing to meet the sea, and you will start noticing the soft music of that blowing breeze. Also, you will start hearing the twitter of birds, and it will be amazing. This feeling will only happen when you connect your soul to the soul of this Universe. And trust me, you are going to experience that ultimate pleasure and satisfaction which you are in search for so long.

When you fall in love with the person’s qualities, you will feel a stronger connection with them than falling in love with just their beautiful face. The beauty of face fades with the passing years, but the inner beauty gets enhanced with the passing time.

•What is this Internal Beauty?


For me, Internal beauty is a heart filled with love and kindness ready to shower it on the whole Universe, a brain filled with pure thoughts to nullify all negativity and a soul that can’t harm any other soul like their own. When we attain this extreme level of perception, we start to spot that exceptionally appealing internal beauty.

•Let us now ponder how to enhance that Internal Beauty? Or how to have Inner Beauty?

It is so simple to attain, but we need good thoughts for this. Be yourself; start to admire who you are. Value the people around you, accept their truths and existence. Get connected to the pain of weak and poor as if it is your pain. Feed the hungry, help the deprived.

Feel the happiness of the surroundings, applaud it. Thank The Almighty God, who created this beautiful Universe. Thank him for the beautiful flowers, lovely birds, colorful butterflies, soothing air that blows, rivers that quench our thirst, land, which are the source of satiating our hunger. Be grateful to The Supreme Lord for everything. Trust me, and if you start doing this, you will attain that so alluring inner beauty

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