Let us start The Journey of Togetherness.


Let us start The Journey of Togetherness with your new friend that is me.

Hello world !!!

This is my first blog. Let me introduce myself. I am Shubha, a passionate human.


It is obvious to get.

Some say passionate writer,some say passionate blogger. I am sure most of you who are reading this must be thinking like, Why she is calling herself a “passionate human”??

My answer is as simple as anyone’s else. I will explain how. It is as simple as anyone is passionate about anything or any work of his/her choice. I am passionate about the life which God has given me. I value it and want you all to value your lives in the same way I value and this is the prime focus of The Journey Of Togetherness.

The Journey of my life.


Most of you must be thinking that my life must be problem-free or I am too much satisfied. But this is not that much true!!! No one is absolutely satisfied in this universe. Everyone has some hidden causes which often bring sorrow,everyone is fighting with some emotional breakdown at some point of their lives. Whether rich or poor,alone or together, each one of us is dissatisfied to some extent.Everyone has their own challenges. Each single person is struggling so hard to overcome their pains or to keep untold secrets of their hearts.

People often say me that I am quite expressive, emotionally strong and can always find ways to bring things back at their places. They often think of me that I am a so happy kind of person that can make everyone happy around her. I am thought to be a problem solver.

•A positive Transformation.

But I was not this way about twelve years ago. There was a time when I was too much depressed and heartbroken because of an irreparable loss in my life. This was an accidental death of my younger sister to whom I was most attached in my life. I was just lost. I didn’t knew what to do,how to remain alive. My parents were in such a condition that no one can imagine.

But time flies and it actually did. I accepted the truth,I learnt to deal with adversities. Finally I knew the value of my life. I knew how to find satisfaction in every situation which created dissatisfaction. I started feeling pains of people around me, and here my new journey started.


•Being woman is not easy.


Being woman is not easy,all of us know. Whether you are a male or female,you must have seen struggles in the lives of your mothers, daughters, sisters or in your’s own life.


You must have heard that female children are often advised to learn how to be calm and silent and endure whatever happen to them. And at the same time male child is advised to learn opposite of it. For the same situation a girl is seen as guilty and a boy is excused with saying,”he is just a man. Women are neglected from their births and this negligence continues till their deaths. Girls are advised by their mothers and grandmothers from the very start of their lives that,”You have to listen to your husbands.” What does this listening means??? Don’t we have our own brains? Are we unable to judge between right or wrong??? Or we have to sacrifice our voices to be a fair partner???

Have anyone among you heard a mother teaching her son,that “Listen to your wife,she has left all her relations and home only for you.” If a mother starts teaching her son in this way,no woman of this world will be a victim of domestic violence.


•Girls vs Boys in our Society.

Girls are being always taught to wear body covered dresses to hide themselves and their beauty from those evil raping eyes. Is this true? Does Rape happens only to the girls who wear short dresses?Does rape didn’t happen to the girls who wear Salwar Kameej or full dresses? We have seen so many brutal incidences when the victims are innocent children. Ask yourself. Are my questions wrong? Have these questions never appeared in your minds?

It must have appeared,but we all keep mum because we think that we are living in a men-dominated society. Women are not as strong as men are. Women feel themselves unsafe when they question those staring eyes.

We often hear that a girl is abused for dowry. She is beaten,mentally harassed or even put on fire by her in-laws. We must have seen or heard many cases happening around us. And we think we are getting modern day by day. Question yourself,Can this modernity end the evil practices which are in continuation for so long to abuse and harass women?


•What A Girl Gets in return of her Sacrifices.

A girl leaves her parents to adjust in totally new environment and with all unknown people but even after so many sacrifices she is harassed if she is unable to bring lump sum of dowry. Is this fair?? We need to change our mentality. To call ourselves modern,we have to change wearings of our thoughts before our body. We all have to understand woman and man both are equal and both are needed equally to run this beautiful world.


•Final Words.


We should start changing mindset of men in every possible way. Who these men are? Are not they present in our own families as our fathers,brothers,uncles,sons and husbands? Yes,they are. And they are even quite protective for us. Why can’t we start changing minds from them? Can’t we teach them to value and respect women. A woman has the potential to create the world,Is she not capable to change the world created by her? If a single initiative taken by a single woman influence so many minds then if all women unite and start changing minds of their own family members,it would not be that difficult to make this world safe for our mothers, daughters, sisters and ourselves. Think about it and wait to connect with me in my upcoming blogs. Till then take care and keep smiling.

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  1. Hii ma’am
    I am so glad to found this page. The lines of the final words of this blog are just wowwww….
    I love to read this blog.


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