Life partner expectations of a girl-5 hidden desires

Life is all about expectations-some, expectations that get fulfilled, and some who die under us. Among these numerous countless expectations, there also exist life-partner expectations of girl. A girl will do everything for you. She will love you, shout at you, fight with you, but she behaves shy when opening up about emotions. She expects her life partner to read her eyes. Being a female, I want to share some of my hidden expectations, some fulfilled and some that are still there to find the way out.


So without wasting your precious time, let us have a look at these five hidden life-partner expectations of a girl from her life partner.

To be the center of priorities

You must have seen couples hanging around, devoted to each other before marriage. But after marriage, the priorities change. People don’t find time for that person- to get a companion with whom they fought with everyone. I wonder and get confused about whether the love was fake, or was it just lust.

Love always finds its way. You can’t be that busy that you don’t get time for your partner when you get time for endless calls, shopping, TV, entertainment, and everything. How is it possible that you are short of time when it comes to your life partner-a partner with whom you need to share every moment and every feeling of your life?

A girl expects her partner to share his emotions with her and to listen to her heart out. You may be too busy, but your girl wants you to save atleast a few moments of togetherness with her. It will not only strengthen your relationship but also release your stress.

A never-ending attraction

An attraction not only for her looks, body but also for her reality. Yes, the lady always expects that her partner treats her the same way he used to treat her initially. But it is a matter of sorrow that nothing lasts. The flame of attraction dies with time.

People are so engulfed in their interests that they forget someone is waiting for their attention, time, and love. Is this expectation too much from a lady who has sacrificed everything for you? A lady who forgives you easily after your numerous never-ending mistakes?

Dear men, please don’t take it wrong; this is all about telling you how much we, ladies, love, and care for you. Don’t you think we also want the same care in return?

A lifetime support


She is not helpless, nor she is weak. Still, she needs to hold the hand of her man during any challenging situations. Have you ever asked yourself, why?

The answer is so simple. We feel safe in the arms of our man. A person is blessed if he/she is having an understanding with their life-partner. Life is a journey that is either filled with happiness or occupied with sorrow.

How your life seems to you depends on the person whom you chose as your soulmate. A girl never asks more than love from her partner. A man’s love and care is the support of her life.

Expects forgiveness

A girl forgives every mistake of her partner till she believes her man loves her. If she believes that her partner loves her, she will shout, stop talking but will never hate him. And she also expects the same while she makes any mistake.

A girl is also human, and so she can also make some mistakes. And she wants the man of her life to forgive her. Forgiveness does not mean that you forgive her but repeat the incident in the future.

Also, she never wants to be blamed for what she has not done. A woman loves deeply, but it will be quite impossible to repair once you break her heart. This is one of small life-partner expectations of a girl from her life partner.

Trust and truthfulness

Trust is something that is the basis of every relationship. A mother expects trust from her child that he/she should take care of her in her old age. A child trusts her mother that she will take care of him. In the same way, a partner expects trust and truthfulness from their counterpart.

A girl expects loyalty from her partner. She wants to stand most beautiful in the eyes of her man. The man who can make his lady believe that all his love is only for her is the luckiest man of this universe. The reason is that he and his partner are soulmates.

If once broke, trust can not be gained quickly, and this trust is nourished by truthfulness. Be truthful to your partner and be the winner of her trust.

Final Words

These were some of the life-partner expectations of a girl, which I think every girl is having in her heart. Lucky are those who get their expectations fulfilled🙂. These are my personal opinions; if anyone is hurt from any word, apologies from my side. I hope you enjoyed reading. See you in my next post, till then take care❤.

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