Why should you never beg for love?

Love, a word that can give you the feeling of ultimate happiness in your life. You are the wealthiest person in this universe if you are loved in return for loving someone. But wait, this should be mutual, not forceful. Have you ever felt that you need to beg to be loved. If yes, then this article is for you. Never beg for love from anyone in your life why I will clarify now.

Do you know the real meaning of love? Can you define love? I don’t think anybody can define love because love is above all definitions. Love is an eternal feeling which you can experience but can never explain.

When he told me he no longer loved me

Some people are lucky who are blessed to be with someone who loves them the lust-free way. But not all of us are having the same fate. Many of us get hurt in return for loving someone unconditionally. But do you think we should beg for someone’s attention? No, never. I completely disagree to the point of begging to be loved.

Never beg someone to be in your life

You don’t walk away if you love someone. You help the person.

Hillary Clinton

If someone loves you truly, they will never leave you alone. There may be hardships in your life, failures, anger, fear, but the one who loves you genuinely will always with you despite any unfavorable situation.

If your partner leaves you for silly causes or selfish needs, then this is clear that he is not in love with you. Call it lust, attraction, or whatever, but it can’t be love. Learn to differentiate between love and need. 

You can be someone’s physical need, but it takes sacrifices and trust to feel real love. I wonder how someone can always speak about love but is far from the meaning of love. 

When you are in a relationship with someone who never bothers about your feeling, leaves you crying, and enjoys their life even after hurting you, you are in a dead relationship.

If you are experiencing continuous hurt, separation, then you need to think about it. Never beg someone to be in your life.

Reasons why should you never beg for love

There are many reasons why it is vague to demand love or attention from anyone, but I mention some of the most important ones.

1.Love is not forceful

If you love someone, it comes directly from your heart. Noone can develop feelings in your heart forcefully; the same applies to your partner. If he loves you, you can see that in his eyes.

But if you are worthless in his eyes, you can do nothing about it. Despite all your efforts and care, you are not going to get anything in return. So, better understand your value.

2.Love never beg for attention

If someone loves you, they will never ignore you. There are lots of beautiful faces in this world. But when someone loves you, they will find you most attractive. Whether you are in a crowd or alone, you will never feel ignored.

The eyes of your lover will always search for you. If anyhow, you are in the situation that you seek attention from your partner, then you are not in love. So why be forceful?

3.Love never leaves you crying


Have you experienced moments when you were crying, and your partner leaves. If yes, then you are in a fake relationship. It is tough to differentiate between fake and real love. Women get hurt because they love selflessly. But it is her man’s responsibility to wipe her tears and give her emotional support when she needs it.

You must be alert about how you feel or how your partner behaves with you. Real love can not let you cry; they will make every possible effort to make you happy. So, don’t fall prey to the love which never existed.

5.Love never beg someone to be in your life

Yes, my dear friend, those who love you, find a way to stay, how challenging the situation is, never matters. You must be heard about many long-distance relationships, where couples are happy despite their difficult life.

I have seen many couples who live on different continents. Sometimes I wonder, how they manage? But love finds its way out. So, when the distance can’t lessen the feelings, how little problems can lessen the love? No way, it is impossible. So, when someone leaves you for your little faults, never beg for love from them. You deserve better.

6.Love never makes you feel helpless

It is one of the most important attributes of real love that it gives you strength. Despite all misunderstandings and fights, lovers get united when anyone is through some painful situation. Couples share the pain in the same way they share happiness.

So, ask yourself, have you felt helpless or alone while being with someone? Sometimes you will feel someone is only physically present, but there is no emotional sharing. If you are experiencing loneliness and helplessness while being with your partner, you should let them go. It will be useless to beg for love.

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were. -By Richard Bach

Final words

Finally, if you are begging for love from someone who is not willing to love you in return, you are wasting your time and emotions. So, better focus on the betterment of yourself. I know it hurts when we did not get what we expect. But trust me, if you make yourself weak and morally down, then it will hurt you throughout your life.

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  1. Hello Shubha di,

    This post is really awesome. Each and every word of it is worth $100. The true, practical definition of love is very efficiently explained.
    It’s far away from the Modern definition or trend. It’s evergreen, it’s cosmic and ofcourse it’s pious.

    Keep writing such valuable and eye opening posts.

    Lots of respect and love for you. 😊

    Raksha Kumawat


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