12 Relationship Goals: That Couples must achieve.

A strong and healthy relationship is a product of some relationship goals for couples that they follow. When we meet someone in our life, our hearts and mind get filled with excitement. But slowly, all those excitements and hormones related to those unique feelings are gone.

The flame of attraction starts to die, which is when you need some spice in your love life. Goals for a healthy relationship are not a difficult task, but you need to be devoted.


Not two persons are the same, and this also applies to relationships. It will help if you work in your way of achieving long term relationship goals.

This article will help you with 12 relationship goals for every couple, which are easy to achieve.

What are relationship goals?

As I said earlier, every relationship is unique, but still, there are some requirements. Every relationship needs care, love, and affection.

Tell me one thing does not every lover wants to be loved in return of love? Or who doesn’t want to be respected?

So the best relationship goals are those that nourish your relation. Here you will get a collection of some useful techniques to fire up your lost desires.

Everyone wants to live a super and romantic life. But few of us can make our love life work as we expected. Generally, we see that after 1 or 2 years of living or marriage, the love vanishes. Discussions take the form of ugly fights and sometimes even end with parting ways.

And trust me, if you are dissatisfied with your first love, you will not get satisfaction anywhere. So partners should work on some easily achievable relationship goals so that their love life never seems colorless.

Relationship Goals which lovers need to achieve.

Here is a list of 12 much-needed relationship goals for every couple. If you follow it religiously, I am sure your love life will be filled with thrills and excitement.

Relationship goals number 1: Understand your partner.

You must have heard that love has no language. It is the eyes that speak. Every single individual on this planet is different. And also, the choices of everyone is unique.

It would help if you always tried to respect the feelings of your partner. Never try to burden your preferences forcefully. There may be some situations where your opinions might clash.

But it would help if you tried to make your bonding so strong that these small differences can not harm your relationship. The thread of love is very delicate. It demands to care while handling.

Relationship goals number 2: Develop Trust.


Trust is one of the prime requirements for relationship goals for lovers. You must have heard of stories where partners get separated because of a lack of trust. You should be loyal to your partner and also trust them.

Loyalty demands trust. Everyone wants to get a dedicated partner in a relationship, and for this, commitment is a must. Try to develop understanding, talk about everything openly to your partner. By doing so, you will make your love life easy and full of happiness.

A person who always do wrong often loses trust in the eyes of their partner. Remember one thing, confidence; if once lost, it is tough to get back. So always try to be transparent in your relationship.

Treat your partner as your best friend to whom you can share all your flaws and qualities. This will strengthen your bonding.

Relationship goals number 3: Communicate properly.

Communication is one of those relationship goals, which are a must for couples of any age. Humans have thoughts and feelings to share. And for sharing their happiness or sorrow, they need a partner.

You will be amazed to listen as food is essential for our body; we need communication to relax our brain. We often hear of people suiciding because of depression. What is this depression?

It is a result of loneliness. When a person does not get anyone for talking, they start to talk with themselves. All negative and positive thoughts coincide. Sometimes negativities capture the mind faster than positive ones. And this does irreparable harm to the person.

Communication between couples is a deciding factor for the durability of their bond with each other. The more you communicate, the less will be misunderstandings. You will be able to know more about your partner.

What do you think? Have you set communication as one of your relationship goals?

Relationship goals number 4: Try to be Intimate.


Intimacy is not about sex only. When you get intimate with your partner, you feel that you have got someone who is solely yours. You experience the feeling of two bodies and one soul.

The presence of we overcomes the existence of I. You start to believe that you have got one soul that is residing in two bodies.

Sex is the law of nature, and everyone needs it. Without intimacy, there would not be the existence of this universe. We are humans; we have desires and needs. And for this, we all need a partner. Being intimate let you silently share your feelings.

But intimacy should be natural, not forceful. The more naturally you get involved in love, the more romantic it will feel to you. Relationship goals for couples should involve intimacy but with mutual understanding.

Relationship goals number 5: Be Truthful.

Truthfulness makes you right in the eyes of your partner. Whether it is a big issue or a small one, you need to stick telling the truth always.

You should never forget every lie gets found out in the last. And then you will go through challenging situations of fight and misunderstanding. So it is always good to be fair and transparent with your relationship.

Telling the truth as a relationship goal will help to present you honest in your partner’s eyes. Sometimes we come across situations that forcefully demand telling lies-like if you had a past affair.

But do you think you can hide your past by telling lies? Never. Lies are born only to get caught. Never try to hide things. Never repeat past mistakes.

There might be a possibility that your partner will start doubting you after knowing your past secrets. But you can slowly clear all their doubts by your truthful nature.

Relationship goals number 6: Spend Quality Time.


It is one of the most deciding relationship goals for couples. After one or two years of relationship, partners often forget to spend quality time with each other. They get engaged in their personal space and entertainment and start ignoring each other.

By quality time, I mean to say a fixed time spent together talking about your relationship. It will feel different but trust me, it will take your relationship to a different level.

Think yourself, how much time you waste while surfing the internet? You must be either spending lots of your time watching tv, online shopping, games, or other unnecessary things.

Don’t you think your partner also needs a portion of your time, which is only for them? Think about it deeply.

Relationship goals number 7: Keep believing in the dreams of each other.

People these days are so desperate about achieving their dreams that they forget to support their partner. And this most often leads to the sacrifice of dreams of one of the partners.

I am not saying that you should not be serious about your career goals. But my concern is to make you aware of respecting your partner’s dreams too.

Your support can carve out the best from them. And this will indirectly help to make your bonding stronger. A satisfied mind is more willing to give love.

If you support your partner in achieving their dreams, they will feel more respect and love towards you. So, in my view, it is crucial and must achievable relationship goals for couples in love.

Relationship goals number 8: Make your partner your priority.


Make your partner feel that they are special to you. No matter what is your age, your love should always feel young. Generally, with passing years, attraction decreases, and so does the love.

Do you think it was love that is fading? No, love never fades, only attraction does. If you are praising other men or women in front of your partner, they must feel jealous. It is natural; we can’t do anything about it.

God has given us eyes to admire beauty, but admiration should not be confused with obsession. Even if there are many people around you, you should try to make your lover believe that you are only theirs’.

Never forget your partner is the whole world for you. And you should always try to make them feel that they are your priority. Nothing comes before them.

Everything has its importance and value, but your partner’s presence in your life is priceless for you. I hope this relationship goal will work like a charm for your love life.

Relationship goals number 9: Be supportive.

Support is of many types, like financial, physical, mental, and emotional. My friend, it is easy to jump in a relationship but quite tricky to make it run smoothly. You have to put lots of effort into finding answers to how to achieve relationship goals.

At the time your partner needs you, you must be there. Where the support is related to money or emotional level, you should be ready.

If you both are working, you should divide house chores equally. You can support your partner in cooking. If any of the family members need your help(whether from your side or their side), you should lend a helping hand.

If your partner is going through mental trauma, you should not make a mockery. Always try to listen to their feelings and thoughts and pamper them.

Make them feel that even if the whole world is against them, you are always on their side. I hope you understand the value of these best relationship goals.

Relationship goals number 10: Enjoy life together.

Are you often busy with your phone? Do you waste hours talking to everyone in your phone’s contact list? If your answer is yes, then I will tell you a few good relationship goals you need to follow.

Have you ever thought why present-day relations are not as durable as they were before? I will tell you the answer. It is because everyone is addicted to technology. We want to gain all information from the internet.

But this eventually hampers out mental peace and personal life. You should try to set priorities for your life. Find some time for fun together with your partner. Have you seen children enjoying tickling? Isn’t it cute?

If you are thinking it funny, then you have lost spice in your life. Try to make your love life a little spicy. Add colors to your black and white conventional story. Try to enjoy life together.

I am inspired by the life of one of my friends named Ryan Biddulph. He is a blogger, but he enjoys blogging like playing some game with his wife, Kelli Cooper. Even the name of his blog is blogging from paradise.

Ryan Biddulph and Kelli cooper

The reason to mention his name here is to make you aware that you can manage your work along with the love of your life. I hope you will learn some goals for a healthy relationship from him.

Relationship goals number 11: Share your feelings.

Sometimes we are not able to open up in front of our partner. This, in turn, causes problems in our love life. People cannot express their feelings, which is the prime reason for misunderstanding between partners.

To establish a healthy relationship, we need to share what we think with our soulmate. The more we share, the more it will get easier to achieve couples’ relationship goals. It would be best to not behave hesitantly in sharing your fears and strengths with your lover.

Sharing of feelings will bring you nearer, and your understanding will increase. Don’t you think all relationship goals are interlinked together? If you analyze closely, then you will find each goal mentioned here is so closely connected.

The more you share will result in more understanding. The more you understand, the less you doubt. The less you doubt, the more you become truthful. I hope you have got my point.

Relationship goals number 12: Make plans for the future.


Planning about future goals is one of the most crucial future relationship goals. A couple in true love must know the importance of their future while enjoying their present life.

Not only couples but everyone plans for their future. We should not waste our present time while overthinking about future fears. But still, we need a foolproof strategy for our future so that we assure ourselves for a better and peaceful future.

Couples should divide their future relationship goals like- saving money for their kids, their old age, travel expenses, medical expenses, family needs, and many more things.

If you are young, then it will feel funny to you. But my dear friend, we should not forget, we are not always young. Because of this reason, I advise you to set a plan for future relationship goals for couples so that you enjoy your love life to the extreme level.

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Relationship goals checklist.

  • Understand your partner.
  • Develop Trust.
  • Communicate properly.
  • Try to be Intimate.
  • Be Truthful.
  • Spend Quality Time.
  • Keep believing in the dreams of each other.
  • Make your partner your priority.
  • Be supportive.
  • Enjoy life together.
  • Share your feelings.
  • Make plans for the future.

Final words:

I hope you enjoyed reading this article🙂. Tell me what you think about relationship goals and how to achieve them? See you in my next post. Till then, keep smiling and set these relationship goals for couples in your love life❤.

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  4. #11 is so important Shubha. Kelli and I get along well because we share our feelings; love, fears and everything in between. Human beings form powerful connections when willing to feel vulnerable, raw and honest in how they are vibing. Fabulous post.



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