9 Tips for staying motivated and focused in life

Life is full of uncertainties and failures. Everyone successful was once in a bad phase, a phase of struggles and failures. But those who know how to remain motivated and focused during these struggles win the game.


We must learn to deal with the negativities of our minds to achieve a positive mindset.

A person who has a positive outlook towards life can find pleasure in pain too. Today, I will give you 9 incredible tips for staying motivated and focused during the lousy phase of your life.

Tip 1: Remove negativities

Have you ever thought your whole life and mental peace can get disturbed due to a few toxic people in your life?

These people have the potential to disturb the peace of your life and can quickly suck off your happiness, freedom. Every person is different and so are their limitations. Some can tolerate more; others can’t handle even little negativity. It is upon you that how much negative vibes you can bear.

You must be thinking about what those people can do if you are not bothered about them? But you might be unaware, and they can slowly make you like them. So better, remove them to live a motivated and focused life.

Tip 2: Limit Distractions

What do you consider distraction? Let me give you some examples. You will easily correlate them with your situation.

Suppose a student sits to finish his assignment, and suddenly he gets a call from his friend who is planning some outings. Don’t his mind get distracted? Yes, of course.

Most of us uselessly surf the internet for irrelevant information, which is totally vague for us. We forget that we don’t need to know everything which exists. 

There is a need to know only those things which can provide some value to our life. So, when you are working or are up to something, you must try to remove all distractions which make you unfocused. Doing this little thing, you will feel a lot motivated and focused on doing your work.

Tip 3: Meditate

Meditation is the most effective way to remove negative thoughts from our minds. Talk to any person who regularly meditates, and you will find a soft pitch in their tone.

Meditation calms down our brain, mind, and our whole body is rejuvenated. For meditating, you need a place that is free from outer world distraction. Also, you need to fix a time when you are alone.

The best time for your thought purification is early in the morning before the sun rises. It is not a hard and fast rule; if you can’t manage time in the morning, you can meditate at any slot of time which suits you. But best is the morning time because you must be aware that the morning is the best time to do anything with full focus.

Tip 4: Deal with your fears


Dealing with your fears is equally crucial as removing toxic people from your life. Fear is related to toxicity.

When we love someone, we cannot remove them from our lives despite the many hurts they give us. But do you think it is because of love? No. Love gives strength, not fears—fear of losing arises from insecurity. And insecurity is a result of distrust.

We fear that we will die because of separation. We fear losing someone, something. But we forget nothing in our life is from starting and nothing would be there with us till the last.

So look in the eyes of your fear, question yourself-Do want doing this or not? Do whatever suits your desire. Make yourself free from personal, emotional, and situational fear. By doing so, you will win the half battle of staying motivated and focused in whatever you do.

Tip 5: Manage your time

Time management is not only for motivation but also for living a balanced life. Students need to manage their time for their studies; teachers need time for preparing lecture notes.

A mother manages her time to take care of her child; a father manages his time to care for financial needs. Everyone needs to manage their time for their preferences.

You must be choosy while dividing your time slots. Anyone should set boundaries, where to invest time and where to not. A person who never bothers about time management is someone who lives an unfocused and useless life.

If you want to live a focused and directional life, you much manage your time. Time-management can help you to define priorities in your life. So, value your time, stop wasting it.

Tip 6: Listen to motivational speakers

Listening to a person who imparts positive vibes calms down your anger, frustration and erases negative memories. In everyone’s life, there exists a phase when we feel hopeless and lost.

When we hear from someone who is spreading good thoughts, we feel automatic motivation. To find a motivational speaker is not a difficult job these days. Just search on youtube, and you will find a lot of people with lots of positivity.

I often listen to some of my favorites like Sandeep Maheshwari whenever I feel down. Trust me, when your negative vibes get the touch of positive ones, your restlessness comes to an end.

So, for staying motivated and calm in your life, you can try listening to someone influential enough to transfer his positive thought into your mind.

Tip 7: Help others to get motivated


Helping others can give you the ultimate level of satisfaction, which you can’t get anywhere. Do you believe in blessings? I do believe.

Blessings have the power to impart positivity around. When you help anyone needy, their hearts get filled with gratitude for you. They bless you and whether you will believe or not; it will affect your lives.

Making others happy makes us feel happy and blessed. We start to recognize our worth. A smile on others’ faces because of you is a sign of your value in this universe.

A few people get the chance to help someone who is really in need. So, my dear friend, share others’ pain, and you will get to know how to stay motivated and focused in your life.

Tip 8: Find a mentor

Mentors are those who are more knowledgeable than us. Not only are they superior in knowledge, but they are also able to find our mistakes, which we can’t see.

Mentors can find the areas where we need to improve. Everyone needs motivation, and what else can be a better option than a genuine mentor?

But before making anyone your ideal, you should keep some points in your mind. The person whom you want as your mentor must be transparent and brutally honest. They should be clear and straight while catching your mistakes.

Similarly, they must know how to make you motivated and focused when you are low. So, be tricky while trusting anyone to be your perfect mentor.

Tip 9: Break your goals

Now comes an essential point. Never try to do everything at once. Keep patience while finishing any work. Better you make one bigger goal into some smaller ones, which are easily achievable.

Many of us put massive pressure on our minds. We often take the challenge of a bigger task when compared to our efficiency. And this does not only affects our productivity but also we fail many times. This failure, in turn, makes us demotivated.

So, next time when you set some goals for you, try breaking it into parts. Like you can’t read the whole book in a single sitting, so chapters are there. In the same way, to do something bigger, you must focus on achieving little things.

A step by step movement towards your goal will not only make you more perfectionist but will also help you to stay motivated and focused through the process.

Wrapping Up

Thanks, everyone, for going through the article. These are my thoughts, which appeared because of my life experiences. I hope you enjoyed reading and will follow these tips when you need motivation in your life. If you follow these tips, you will slowly experience changes in your life. I am sure you gained some insights related to staying motivated and focused in life. Have a nice day; stay blessed.🙂

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16 thoughts on “9 Tips for staying motivated and focused in life”

  1. Hello Shubha Di,

    Negativity and fear are most dangerous elements of our life. Cause of this we never focus on our stable life.

    We are capable to beat them by managing time and situation to get success.

    Thank for Sharing such a great article.


  2. Hi Shubha,

    Each point here is so important. What strikes me the most is “Find a Mentor” because there will always be something we struggle at and a mentor can help us overcome that issue. I wouldn’t advise that if I haven’t done it myself.

    From the beginning of my blogging journey I had mentors. When it came to internet marketing, I had to go through a huge learning process. A mentor I had hired shortened my time whereby we focused on my strengths and weaknesses.

    I’ve hired many mentors along the way and it was worth every bit of money. It saved me time as well as learning what was within my own being to bring it out and share it with the world.


  3. Excellent points Shubha. Meditating has been incredibly helpful to me for facing fear and for seeing clearly. Fear scares us into NOT seeing clearly. Meditating expands our awareness, so we face, feel and release fears, improving our focus and energizing us. I also do Kriya yoga and yin yoga to be energized every day for many, many years.


    • Thank you so much Ryan for going through the article and posting a review. I am glad that you took your time to visit my site. Yes, meditation has potential to heal us from inside and it helps us to distance from our existing fears. I am also practicing meditation for a long time. Thanks🙂.
      Shubha Tiwari

  4. Hello Shubha di,

    An awesome post indeed and much helpful too. You’re doing a really work.

    Low self-esteem and disappointments are the hurdles that come in the path of goal achievement for sure. To conquer them and stay ignited is must to get succeed.
    Thankyou so much for encouraging and showing the right path. 😊

    Raksha Kumawat


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