9 Things Every Woman Needs To Learn In Her Lifetime

As we all know to live the life of a woman is not simple; women have to fight for their rights. So there are certain things which every woman needs to learn in her life to make it somewhat easy and respectful.

Women from ages have sacrificed their dreams for the sake of their families and relations. But being a woman, I question all of you together with me- What we have got in return?

A house to live, food to eat, clothes to wear..that’s it? Do you think it is sufficient to live our lives? Don’t you feel empty many time? Don’t your feelings carve for something more?

If your answer is yes, then continue reading further. Because the things which I am going to mention here are only relatable to the ones who feel the way I think.

I am not an anti-male person, but I am an anti-partial person. When God has created the path of our birth the same way as our counterparts, then I wonder why this world is not the same way for us.

There are many hidden, silent questions which arise in our minds. We will discuss the solutions for some of the most disturbing ones.


Before continuing, I apologise for the mistake which I don’t consider the one. Still, it is a humble request to everyone(male) who is reading this, don’t take it personally.

And a sisterly demand from every female who is reading this, please take it personally. You need to think. Time is calling you to open up your feelings. You need to live your life the way you want.

So here is a list of 9 things which a woman needs to learn in her life.

1.Can choose your career

Do you think you have got the freedom to choose your career as much as your male siblings have got? If yes, then you are one of those few lucky girls who are born to impartial souls.

But generally, we see that girls are not given the right to choose what they want as their career option. There are always boundaries drawn to protect us. Don’t are we humans? Don’t we want to explore our lives as any other individual?

People consider women as dolls or sometimes puppets. Financial independence is not considered a prime need or choice in a woman’s life. Women are always thought to be dependent on their male counterparts.

Most often, we are not given the freedom to choose the career we want to pursue. But my dear woman, choosing a career of her choice should be one of the most important things that a woman should learn.

2.Can marry the person of your choice


Even the most progressive families are prone to certain expectations from their girl child, especially when it comes to marriage. I sometimes wonder whether marriage is a commitment for a lifetime or business between two families?

Some deep-rooted stereotypes still exist in our families and society. If she wants to marry a guy of her choice, a girl is thought to ruining the name of her family.

Why a single decision of her life affects her image that much? And do you know why all these are happening to women? We are the reasons. Our tolerance has indirectly increased our boundaries.

I am not telling you that you should not respect your parents. But my dear women, it would help if you learned to differentiate between right and wrong. With whom you want to live should be solely your decision but after the right age.

Not necessarily that relation is going to work; it might or might not. But do you think the connection which your parents found for you will always work?

3.Can wear clothes of your choice

My pretty ladies, go with the dresses which feel comfortable to you—no need to copy others. If you want to wear western dresses and it suits your personality and comfort, go for it.

I like to wear Indian attire, and my sisters wear western ones. I love both of them. But when it comes to choosing for self, I am comfortable with my Indian dress and look. Your body, your choices. Why ask or follow others? Be a unique person of your kind.

I have seen girls are pressurized to wear body covered dresses to remain safe from those raping eyes. But do you think by just covering our bodies, we can escape those haunting looks. No, never. It is not about the dress or clothes, but about being a woman.

You don’t need to change your dressing style. Society needs to change its mentality. Like males, we also want the freedom to choose what we wear. I hope you will keep this point in mind. It is one of the important things that every woman should learn.

4.Have the choice to bear a baby or not

What???? I am talking bullshit!!!! Isn’t it? How can a woman deny to carry forward the lineage of her husband? It sounds so selfish. But I am serious.

Motherhood should be a choice, not a boundation. In my opinion, mothers are those who love, nurture, and bring up their kids in the best possible way, whether they are their kids or kids of others.

Many children are orphans, deprived of the love of parents. You can be the mother of any of those. It should be only your choice to give birth or to adopt one. You should be strong enough to learn how to make your decisions related to your life or body.

5.Choice of being an earner or a homemaker

Do you want to earn for your family? Or you like to paint your house with vibrant colors of happiness? You should feel confident to be a homemaker or an independent woman. Both are equally important.

To be independent and to earn is fabulous. But to live a life of a homemaker is similarly essential. A woman has many responsibilities. You must try your best to be perfect at handling them.

But my dear lady, you must understand the difference between duties and forcefully imposed liabilities. If you feel happy while taking care of your family and you get your satisfaction there, it is OK.

Never overthink or be depressed in your life. You are that center of mass for your family that can hold everything together. Do whatever you enjoy doing. Earn to fulfill your family’s needs and yourself or be a home engineer to make your home a place of peace.

6.Never change yourself for others

Change yourself only for some good reasons. Otherwise, never try to be the person following someone’s choice. You are one of your kind, and nobody else in the whole world is like you.

Never copy others, don’t try to be like them. Do you know, when we start copying others-we lose our traits? The traits which are uniquely provided to us by the supreme lord.

Be your admirer. Fall in love with your personality. Be someone so confident that people think times before making you feel down or insulted. Carry your elegance with you. Handle yourself gracefully to flaunt your uniqueness.

My dear pretty ladies, forget to expect admiration from others. Learn to admire yourself as a beautiful creation of God. A woman must learn to value her traits.

7.Can say no to your husband

Your mother and grandmother must have taught you that you should never say no to your husband. It is not always the mistake of man that they cannot understand what a woman wants.

But sometimes, or we can see many times, we are not able to express a denial. Women are afraid of saying no to sex to their male counterparts. A woman fears hurting the man whom she loves.

But if you will not convey your feelings, how can the second person know what you want? So a woman must learn to express her feelings fearlessly to the man she loves. If he is in love with you, then he will respect your feelings. And if not, to hell with that kind of life-partner.

Life-partners should be soulmates; not formal mates, just to satisfy bodily needs. The mental want is no less important than physical ones. So next time, when you feel like saying no, be fearless. Your no is your choice.

8.Kitchen is not solely your responsibility


Do you agree it is only your responsibility to cook food? Even if you, too, are a working woman. I’m afraid I entirely have to disagree. And I also know most of you will be not OK with this verdict, which has been forcefully imposed on women.

From our childhood, many of us are taught to cook food to adjust to our in-laws’ house easily. Have you ever come across any mother teaching her son to learn cooking before marriage? You might not have.

Recently I came across one news when a mother was describing the varieties of pulses to her son. He was going to be married soon. I was so impressed with the lady that I can’t express my respect for her in words. Ladies like her are the lifesaver of many among us.

Don’t you think the person who wants to eat should learn cooking? Whether he is a male or she is a female. Everyone should learn to cook atleast to satisfy their hunger.

I am not saying, if you are a homemaker, and your husband earns for your family, you should leave the whole kitchen’s responsibility on him. But if you both are working, there should be a mutual understanding. So, ladies, this rule is a must learn among things every woman should learn.

9.It is OK to keep your parents with you

Parents become a responsibility for children when they reach old-age or when they need care. And it applies to every parent, whether they are the parents of a boy or a girl.

We have seen the tradition of keeping parents from the boy’s side but rarely see parents of a girl living with her. In this modern era, the situation is changing in some instances but not entirely.

And what if you are a girl and a single child of your parents? Will you leave them to die alone? No, never. Trust me; I knew your answer before you gave it.

I am also a single child of my parents, and I take care of both my families. As I have decided, I will always be with my parents at the time of their need. Not like a son but like an affectionate and caring daughter.

I told you previously, don’t try to become like others, be yourself. Learn to take care of your parents in the best possible way a daughter can.

Final words:

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and it somehow connected with your feelings. I expect you to learn and follow the above nine tips to make your journey empowered and free.

You are born to fly, not to be caged. So dear woman, follow the things which every woman needs to learn. And trust me, you will feel more independent and relaxed from inside.

Tell me in the comments about what you think about being a woman and your journey. See you in my next post. Till then, take care and stay blessed.

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6 thoughts on “9 Things Every Woman Needs To Learn In Her Lifetime”

  1. I like your post Shubha,
    You are right always be you. Taking care of the parents is also something which is right. I see here people in nursing homes, I would rather die than be one of them. In out time it is right if husband and wife work together in the house. It was never a question between me and my husband, he helped when necessary. I think in a family everybody should be free and do what is needed.
    I like Indian dresses and find them more beautiful than western dresses. Keep wearing them.
    All the best , Keep flying 🙂

  2. Hi Shubha,

    What an empowering post. I love it. The world is changing in freeing ways for women. I married an independent, free-thinking, bold women in my wife Kelli. I am blessed because we both trust each other deeply, because we allow each other to be independent, and even though we are a couple and do stuff together we also live our own lives. What a freeing relationship because true love is allowing someone to be independent in making their own choices.


    • Thanks again Ryan for your genuine feedback. Your comment means a lot for me, as we all know you are an author of hundreds of book. Still you take your time out of your super busy schedule to help and motivate others. I am elated to know my post seemed to add some value to your thoughts. Keep visiting.
      Shubha Tiwari


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