What Is Love? Can You Tell Me?

What Is Love? Can You Tell Me?

What Is Love?- I have never got a satisfying answer to this question. I think I will never get it. Words will not be enough to define what love is? We can only put our opinions on what it feels to us.

For me, it is the fascinating feeling that a person can ever feel. Have found your love of life is the most satisfying thing which can ever happen to you, and to is loved in return by the same person is even more delightful.

Love is deeper than an ocean and higher than mountains, colorful than butterflies and wider than the sky. It is limitless, and it gives us that utmost pleasure that we can’t explain in words. It is just a never-ending Journey of Togetherness.

1.Love is never selfish.

When someone asks me, what is love? In my mind comes this- It is selfless, it never expects anything in return. When it is true, it only wants to give more and more to the concerned person. It is something so unique that it develops a never-ending attraction between the two souls.

When we are in love with someone, we feel eternal bonding with that person. There is no jealousy, no over expectancy, and no misunderstandings. When we adore someone from the core of our heart, we will never draw boundaries around that person. If you feel drawing boundaries, then you are in a state of dissatisfaction or doubt. It is well said, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it not, then it never was.”

2.Love is all about Privacy.

If you feel asking yourself, what is love? Then think- If you like someone, you will like to keep all feelings attached to them yourself.
Nowadays, we see many people discussing their privacy on the internet by putting useless statuses and posts. Is it how to expose your lover based on every small mistake committed by him knowingly or unknowingly? 

This will further create tensions and problems in your life; the concerned person will feel guilty more than he/she is.

A little privacy is always good to nourish any relationship. The internet should be used to search for solutions to your ongoing problems, not to mock your personal feelings and emotions. 

It is always refreshing to put statuses and posts that show your healthy relationship to learn relationship goals from you. I think you have come close to get the answer to what is love

3.Love means to give respect to each other.

Every relationship requires some maintenance, and love is not a different one. It is always good to respect the feelings of your partner. You should care about your partner in a way just like a mother cares about her child.

It would be best if you never forced them for the things which they dislike or hate. For example, if you like to eat vegetarian food and your partner likes non-vegetarian a lot, please let him go with his eating habits. You can try to make him try your choices but never impose your choices on him.

4.Give space to your Partner.

To be obsessed about anything that does not resemble love, it is nothing more than Madness. “We should love madly but should not become mad in love.” Mind intentions hidden behind my words, it has a deep meaning.

Everyone wants to get some spare time with themselves alone. Don’t pressurize the person always to be hanging around you. There is no need to ask for a never-ending useless phone call or chatting or physical presence. Does it give a clear answer to what is love?

To make your life enjoyable and tension-free, you must not want to occupy every second of the person’s life. This will only cause tensions between you both, and also your Bond will gradually get weakened.

5.Avoid misunderstandings.


Neither of the two persons is the same in all respects, nor their way of thinking. And it is quite easy to indulge in a short fight when there is a conflict of opinions. You should avoid rushing towards the situations where you feel there will be an occurrence of dispute.

I am not saying that you should not indulge in a healthy conversation or discussion, but my point here is to make you understand between a debate and a clash.

6.Practice Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is all about goodness, care, and Showing true feelings towards the person concerned. Working on it will increase our self-esteem and give a sense of inner strength. It will also help your dear ones to feel the power and purity of emotions towards them.

Forgiveness lowers the frequency of misunderstandings and fights between you and your partner. And think yourself – When there will be no more misunderstandings, Will there not exist an amazing relationship?

#What is love, and what is infatuation?

Do you consider both to be the same?

There is a huge difference between being infatuated towards someone and being in love with someone.

What is infatuation?

Infatuation is something that happens very quickly and feels like it has hit you over your head. It occurs even when you know nothing about them, and suddenly, a strong feeling of attraction occurs, and you feel like you can’t live without them. Infatuation is an instant crush when you see the person for the very first time.


Then – What is love?

Love, on the other hand, is something which grows with time, it is not sudden. You fall in love slowly. Even you are not aware of the fact when you are falling in it. Love never expects perfection in the person. It admires the person for the real who they are.

When you see a person and suddenly, your mind gets captured by their physique, looks, or outer beauty. And when you need not bother about their inner traits, this is called infatuation. You always expect that person to look as good as they seemed to the first meeting time.

Love is about being comfortable and also let the person live in their comfort zone. It is far away from fakes and show-offs. It is not a day when you like someone, and on another day, you hate them. Love is always consistent. It is very hard and also too slow to fall in love. But when it happens, it frees you from fake thoughts, false expectations, and phony behavior. 

For me, love is all about being truthful and real to that special person.

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  1. Excellent article Shubha,

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    That’s an awesome post. In today’s rush and materialistic world relationship going downwards. Your post has provided a clear view of how to indulge yourself in a long-lasting relationship and love. Respect, Love, and better understanding is a backbone of any successful relationship. Amazing article 🙂

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  3. Its amazing that you have poured your heart out.. Even i feel the same and not even me.. alot of people i know share the same feeling..

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