What is Satisfaction? And How to Achieve Satisfaction in Our Life?

I think it is a common question for all of us, “What is Satisfaction and How to Achieve Satisfaction in Our Life?”

We all strive to experience the feeling of fulfillment and being satisfied. But is it easy to live a satisfied life?

In a world where we always focus on more and better, it is quite tough to remain happy with what we have got.  There are numerous pressures in all aspects of life, like to have the most luxurious lifestyle, to maintain perfect relationships, and to have the most talented kids. Is it really going to happen to all of us?

What means to Achieve Satisfaction in your Life?  A perfect partner or an Expensive Lifestyle or a Peaceful Mind?


Think about these questions deeply while you read this complete article. I am sure you will get some ways to achieve the satisfaction which you want in your life for sure.

I want you all to ask some questions to yourself first and then follow the answers afterwards.

1. My first question for you all is – Are you really satisfied with your life?

I am sure most of you will give NO as your answers.

Then ask why you are never satisfied with your life? The most important factor contributing to this dissatisfaction is the lack of love. If you always think that you are not satisfied with your life, then you are finding yourself in a lonely zone which is caused by the lack of enough love which you want or of what you desire.


 Am I not correct??

 Ask yourself honestly, Is this not the root cause of all the problems?

2. My second question is related to the Satisfaction which you want from your life. Ask yourself what gives you satisfaction in your life?

Let us think about it deeply. There are numerous factors which contribute to achieve satisfaction in our life which we all strive for. The most important ones are our health, romantic relationships, relation with our family members,  our working environment, the value our friends give us and many more things.

Let me elaborate answer of this question with the help of an  imaginary story.

A boy falls in love with a girl. After following her for few months, he finally proposed her and the girl agreed. Now, they both have achieved satisfaction. They got what they wanted in the form of love of their life. But the time was slowly changing and now the boy is in huge pressure of his job and other life related problems. He feels restlessness now. See this is the case here, when the prior level of satisfaction which he achieved once has now lost somewhere. He is now finding his new definition of satisfaction in the name of his career. 

So the point here is, we do not get satisfaction from a single thing or a single wish fulfillment in our life. We want more and more. And this causes pain which we get in return for the hunt of that incredible feeling of contentment.

How satisfied are you with your life depends on your expectations and learning the art of being satisfied with what you already have. We all are a stuck in the happiness trap and that is the reason why we are always dissatisfied with our life.

♦Now we will discuss the points which will describe why there is lack of Satisfaction in our life?

 1.We don’t know  what we really want.

Generally all of us lack directions in our lives. This leads to the feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction, and this  dissatisfaction results in depression. This can be sorted out by self realization but we have to work hard on it because self-realization is the toughest thing for any individual.


We should sit in a lonely and quiet place, and then analyse our feelings. We should question ourselves what we really want? It will feel funny to do. But it will give you clear vision about your desires.

For example to some of the people money is important but for others family is important. To achieve satisfaction in our life, we should learn to differentiate between the momentary satisfaction and satisfaction for lifetime. 

2.We avoid taking risks in life.

People are generally unaware of their potentials, they often limit their thoughts. Not consciously but when we think ourselves inferior or weak,we create an impression of our thoughts in our subconscious mind. Sometime we lack that confidence which if once achieved will lead us to the path of success and ultimate satisfaction.

Think if a man would have not thought of landing on moon or exploring space would we be at the same place where we are right now? If women would have thought themselves weak in comparison to man then would they have been admitted to the Army? Today women are at top positions throughout in the world, only because they are willing to take some needed risks.

There are numerous examples when people took risk and created history. So,we should never feel ourselves low  and try to take every needed risk in our life(unless risks are dangerous or worthless).

3.We lack motivation.


Motivation is one of the very important factors which decides our career, future and finally the level of satisfaction which we want. According to me, Motivation is one of the strongest tools which helps us to get rid of negative thoughts in our minds. Motivation is of two kinds, first is motivation from family and friends and second is self motivation.

I will explain this with a recently happened incident from my life. I was feeling very low, was thinking what to do and what to not…!!!!  Everyone gets confused at some point of life and I am not the different. Suddenly I was boosted up by one of my dear friend who told me, “Shubha you can do it, you have got that very much potential.”  and believe me every negative thought just disappeared from my mind and I started to concentrate back on my work with double energy.

Sometimes in our life we don’t only need Knowledge and Potential, We also need someone who believes in us and always boosts us morally. He or she can be anyone means your friend, brother, sister, lover or any relative. You should search for that ‘KICK’ in your life.

Self motivation is also a good thing. We should always try to motivate ourselves to do good and to focus on the things which give us long lasting happiness.

4.We are surrounded by negative thoughts.

Satisfaction  lies in purity of feelings and purity comes from positivity. We should try to get surrounded by the people who spread positivity. Even the most negative type of person can be transformed to think positively if he/she is always surrounded by positive people.

Let us take an example here. If anyone is frustrated and wants to suicide but suddenly he meets someone who has very positive attitude towards life and who thinks life is a blessing. The new person now transfers positive thoughts in his mind. Are there some chances that the person will change his decision to suicide? I am sure, he must feel some changing in his thoughts and perception about life. Think yourself and answer me, when you attend any motivational session of top motivators don’t you feel good for some days? If we we will try to be in touch of these positive kind of thoughts, will our transformation not happen?

♦Now, Let us sum up some of the proven ways to achieve Personal Satisfaction in Our Life.

1.Develop positive attitude towards life.

This you can slowly achieve by a very unique way. Write your daily routine at night, write a gratitude page everyday thanking all the great things which happened to you during the whole day. Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Neglect negativities.

2.Know to differentiate between Happiness and Satisfaction.


There is always a confusion between both the terms. Prior is momentary, it can be a result of any kind of achievement or celebrations but latter is permanent. If you learn to differentiate between these two, you will definitely find the path to the final goal of your  life. And this will lead you to the ultimate level of satisfaction.

3.Be yourself.

As we all know every single person of this universe is unique, we should never compare ourselves with others. I have seen many people who compare themselves on the grounds of beauty, wealth, knowledge and many more things. Is it right to do so? If you are more beautiful than me, I might be more intelligent than you. If you are more  wealthy, I can be more  happier. See the difference. Value the assets, which Supreme Lord has given to you. Not everyone is you and you are not everyone. Understand it.

4.Accept the truth.

Be simple, don’t show off. Always try to be the real you. There is nothing better and more attractive than simplicity. Live your life transparently. No need to tell lies if you are not having expensive stuffs, cars or Villas. Confidently accept your reality, people will start admiring you. And the level of satisfaction which you will get from this pure feeling is better than anything.

5.Accept your family.

You are given a family by The Almighty God, who knows what is right for you better than you can think yourself. Try to mingle with your family members. Maybe there are some differences in thoughts or ways of living, but all that is different is not wrong. Give your full effort to fix the things in your relationships. When you will do so, you will automatically get closer to that top level of satisfaction.

6.Value your life.

There is nothing more important than the life which we all have got. If there would be no life, then will there be any question of being satisfied or dissatisfied? Think about it. There is a life so there are feelings, emotions, desires and also hunt for satisfaction. So value your life and live your life like no one has lived before.

There is lot of confusion regarding Desires and Expectations from our life. No one can help us to understand us better than we ourselves can. We should focus on our thoughts, our feelings, the things which can make us happy for the whole of our  life. What you feel is something which only you know.


For me satisfaction comes when I see anyone smiling because of me. Can satisfaction be more bigger and wider than the look of those satisfied eyes who rely blindly on you? Can we achieve greater level of satisfaction which we get in the smile of a just fed hungry soul? We should find the real satisfaction of our life. Trust me it is more attractive and beautiful than we have ever thought.


Drop a comment and tell me what satisfaction means to you? Share with your friends and family if you enjoyed reading this article.

Stay blessed and take care.

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  1. Hello Shubha,

    Brilliant post. Satisfaction is a term that is really missing in almost every people’s life. You have clearly mentioned the main culprits behind why we are still unsatisfied and how to gain satisfaction in our life. Awesome post. Keep up the awesome job 🙂

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Really…. When we meet our own expectations ..it’s called satisfaction…..

    Nicely written….

    Many many congratulations

    Really heart touching feelings, written on the post.

  3. Wow!!! it’s really true and i really love your article .
    Yes it is true that being as a human being we always running for getting more satisfaction but we forget that which we have already . Our needs and wishes are unlimited.
    I’m really inspired by your article . Good luck.
    From :Nepal

  4. Wow mam .,…what a post…. 😊
    It’s a real fact…
    No one is satisfied in his life, everyone needs more from time. Sometimes love, sometimes employment, sometimes peace… ???

    • Hello Mangesh,

      Thanks alot for this much appreciation. It was really unexpected. Extremely elated to know this. Feeling very happy that you liked my article😇

      Shubha Tiwari

  5. Hi Shubha – great post! I think many people are always searching for satisfaction and may not even know when they have it. Too many people always want more. Others may live in the past and that’s no way to attain any satisfaction. Living in the present and being thankful is a great way to have satisfaction with one’s life.
    A very thought-provoking post! Have a great day.


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